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Elaine’s music & books are now Available at:

Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit
6600 W Maple Rd
West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322

From the Heart

Elaine’s soul-stirring and sensational vocals inspire us as she blends yesterday’s and today’s Jewish music genres. Reflected in each song’s performance is Elaine’s enthusiasm, passion, and joy that comes straight From the Heart.


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Sing and Celebrate

Sing and Celebrate CD For children, family enjoyment, and the classroom. Sing and Celebrate offers clever lyrics, beautiful toe-tapping melodies, and a special, fresh musical approach to singing about Jewish holidays, traditions, and values.


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Join the Circle

Appealing to adults and children alike, Join the Circle captures the pulse of the Jewish spirit. Each song celebrates the pride of being a link in the circle of life. The interactive, creative rhythms and orchestrations are enhanced by the strong storytelling and poetic qualities of the lyrics. It is a great collection of songs that inspire, teach and sings each generation’s turn to carry on and Join the Circle together.


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Sing and Celebrate Song Book

Sing and Celebrate song book is a 46 page compilation of easy piano charts for all of the songs in the CD, plus more exciting, new songs honoring the holidays, traditions and Israel. Also included are explicit instructions, activities and dances for classroom teaching that encourages student participation.


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Bubbie’s Baby

As you sing and read along with Bubbie’s Baby CD-Song/Book, the colorful and expressive illustrations will bring smiles to your heart! You will remember spending meaningful moments with your Bubbies and Zaydees and to see the world through your grandchildren’s eyes. Let Bubbie’s Baby inspire warm, cozy conversations about your own family traditions and the making of new, treasured memories.


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Grandma and Grandpa’s Darlings

Grandma and Grandpa’s Darlings is a musical story celebrating the joys of being a grandparent and the unique and special bond between generations. Through toe-tapping music, fun lyrics, expressive and colorful, multicultural illustrations, this CD/Book visits a universal world. A world that is respected and cherished by all…


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